Monday, 9 January 2012

A Right Pigs ear

Its been a bit of a bothersome few days. I having been struck down with the gastro bug( as in enteritis not in gastronomy, no really you do not want to know the details) and being unable to move from my bed for 2 days, the youngest two fended amazingly for themselves did not burn the house down or explode the cooker and managed to courageously get homework done and salle hoovered ( after a fashion) and cook sufficiently nutritious meals to give them the energy to play computer games and care for the numerous household animals and livestock that rampage about this place. Meanwhile being a mother I lay there in my rather unpleasant sickbed worrying what would happen if I was really ill and had to go to hospital or worse which is an indication of my temperature rather than a real fear although it did raise a few gremlins in my head and the idea that it might be wise to freeze meals for two along with reheating instructions just in case!

The next day bolstered up by numerous potions and powders and forced on by the need to get boys to college and to various appointments I did the school run and then came home and after domestic duties like feeding chickens went back to bed where I could throw up to my hearts content. Come school pick up time I was feeling a trifle better if light headed so did a bit of shopping en route to college where I bought a fantastically cheap piece of pork, loads of meat on it and looked prime for a slow cooked stew. Got home put it in water to soak and realized as I unwrapped it from its plastic overcoat it was in fact half a pigs head. To be fair they had cut off the ear and wrapped it around the nose and teeth so the whole thing just looked like a hock joint. Ah well needs must, found wonderful recipe which even to my jaded pallet sounded interesting. I sent the link to my whizz of a cook niece then went to bed.

2 days later the plumber was here sorting something or other and he came and had a little chat about the fosse septic, there is a strange not very pleasant smell he said has this happened before? Don't ask me I have no sense of smell. Well he sniffed and poked about with pipes and told me to get the boys to have a good sniff around if they thought it smell like a dodgy fosse to give him a call. I promised to then totally forgot about it.

Yesterday evening I had an email from niece asking about how the pigs head had tasted... it took a while for it to sink in but eventually my feeble brain managed to link pigs head which I had totally forgotten about and which by now had been festering in water in the warm kitchen for 3 days with apparently unidentified stink in laundry room. I went to investigate took the lid off the pan and put it back on very quickly.

So no roast pigs head in white wine for us and a surprise treat for the dogs .

I think I can well and truly say I made a right pigs ear out of that.


Elizabethd said...

I think all I can say to that is ...YUK.
Glad you are better now.

Frances said...

Oh, this is a funny post, though it originated in not so funny circumstances.

Let this week begin your own true new year, and let this year be very kind to you.

May I say that if I had unwrapped that package and seen the head of a pig, I would have been instantly quite ill, found the quickest way to get that pig's head out of my domain, and hoped it would not dog my dreams.

But...remember, I am a city wimp.


Tattie Weasle said...

Oh no! Just the sort of thing I do! Such good intentions but at least you had an excuse ... Lucky dogs!