Friday, 3 December 2010

Its snowing outside.. (no it isn't oh yes it is!)

Well here we are house bound under heaps of cold white stuff with the ducks and chickens stomping about waist high in snow and the dogs refusing to outside at all. After a few days the novelty is wearing thin and distraction is needed! The house is bedecked with damp socks boots and disgarded snow gear and there are melting puddles of ice on the kitchen floor so I think its time we give Wii a rest stop getting stir crazy and do something differnent ! But what? Well what better way to boost morale and get in the approaching holiday spirit than a bit of amateur dramatics ? After all Panto season is nearly upon us!

When we were kids we were always subjecting family to plays and circus performances but modern kids are lucky to have the added bonus of some professional help and hitech activity thanks to the help of Robinsons those ever so famous fruit drinks people who have kindly teamed up with celebrity mum and pantomime star, Tina O’Brien, to introduce a new and interactive website so the family can enjoy some festive frolics even if they can nto get the car out of the drive becasue of the snow drifts! So if you ever wanted to put on your own panto now is your chance and not only is it fun you can help raise some money for a good cause too as Robinsons are donating money to Barnados and so can your friends an family when they view your antics online!

Pop along to - – and make yourselves stars for the day with the help of the interactive website, your webcam and some willing actors! And whats more you can then ecard your panto to family and friends or pop it on your blogpage and hey presto a star is born!! What more you don't even have to dig through the dressing up box as they have even got the costumes covered with a bit of computer know how up their sleeves! I wonder if there is a part for me .. alas I think I am less principal boy more pantomine dame but hey ho I'm game for a laugh ! Are you?


mathilda said...

Looks fantastic!! I'll see if the others are up to it! ^^ xox

bayou said...

wow! I love those ear-rings! There is something about being snowbound and I always enjoyed it because of modern times: central heating, warm water, deep frozen food for a long lasting supply and plenty of inside activities for when the daylight has gone. But never came to those websites and it is for a good cause! Winter is great!

Pondside said...

Pantomime is something that is just about unknown over here. If I ever get to the UK at Christmas time it is something I'd like to see, as I don't quite understand the popularity - I think it must be something that must be seen to be appreciated.

Fennie said...

Hallo! Good to hear news of Brittany and the Lefouques. Website looks fun. Just had a brief skim. If you haven't totally given up on PC you might look into Nighsthayes (house) for some congenial company. No snow here to speak of and all melted know.
Hope all the family well and thriving.

Friko said...

No pantomime for me, we are a bit short on participants, but are we going to see your efforts?