Sunday, 7 August 2011

More awesome things

Some days are good some are bad some you hope never to have to relive again. Take this week I received a wonderfully packed parcel of dainty lace and pretty buttons and ribbons from a total stranger over on Marigold Jam blog as part of ED's French village life blog swap. it was a great way to end my week. I'd show you but my Epson hates my Toshiba so no pictures today until my electronic equipment kisses and makes up.

This week has had a few serendipitous things happen. They make up for a lot. I do not care that some days the rottenness and unfairness of life seems to blot out the sun or that I feel as if I may drown from the exhaustion of trying to maintain an even keel for the children and make sure some sort of routine and normality is established now that their world has blown apart. I can even deal with having to keep composed and not giving it away when dragging the kids to the orthodentiste this week we got stuck at an interception and I realized the car cutting slowly across my path was being driven by my not quite husbands mistress and that middle in the from seat recognised her too. When the world weighs heavy on your shoulders there is little choice than to go on so as my father in law used to say "shit happens deal with it". So today all is well and despite the discovery that computer has bitten the dust in a rather dramatic way ( who would think a large black and white Tom Cat landing from a great height onto an open computer screen could smash it ( laptop not cat, cat happily continued to settle down on it regardless of what he had done) I am pleased to have survived another week, even if the laptop hasn't and even although we lost all electrical power to the house on Saturday because of the dodgy writing upstairs..

Sundays are for us the hardest day. Sunday was a family day even when Daddy sometimes stayed in bed until midday it was still a day for a family roast and always a pudding and as much happiness as we could wring out of it. The kids miss that anchor in their week and when it is just the four of us it isn't the same so we make new routines to fill the gap. So today we did something different, we went to a vide grenier in the next village, watched a parade of ancient tractors, bought a ridiculously cheap rhubarb plant and planted it in the fruit garden, dug up some new potatoes for dinner, made small crepes and ate them warm for tea and found a wonderful wooden treasure box for youngest to keep his stone collection in.

Awesome things come in many shapes and sizes, a man at a craft fayre I did last night gave youngest two beautiful semi precious stones for his collection, another stall holder from French Ghiana talked to him for almost an hour about the country's fauna and flora and showed him photographs and told tales of his life there, someone whom I had never met came and introduced herself as having bought several of my pieces over the internet and was pleased to meet me in person and an old friend who I haven't seen for years arrived out of the blue stayed to lunch and gave me kind words of wisdom and support. The world is a good place in which Awesome things happen , such awesome things worth isn't dictated by monetary value diamonds may be a girls best friend but somehow I doubt it. it is for me the little surprises and delights that mean the most. Not, in case the fates are listening , that I wouldn't say thank you to the odd diamond 0f course or even just enough to replace the broken computer and have the upstairs rewired before I blow us all up!


Pondside said...

As long as you can see flashes of Awesome you are going to be alright. Your kids have, from my perspective, lost much less than half the parental presence. You are amazing, and seem to be functioning at 150% or 200%. Your kids are going to be fine, because of you.
Did you honk and wave?

Frances said...

hmmmm, you know what, I think that you have the gift of knowing how to treasure true treasures. Those children of yours are already on the trail of learning more about this.

Negative can multiply, but I am still learning that it's so much better when positive multiplies.

I have never ever dug a fresh potato and been able to have that potato for supper. Hope I will have that experience in this lifetime! xo

Norma Murray said...

How irksome to have such a close encounter. If your kids have just half of your spirit they will be fine. love Lampie

Chris Stovell said...

What a star you're being, well done. I hope that life casts a few diamonds in your direction but I think your children already have a gem in you.

Fennie said...

Hallo, and a few more best wishes. You are getting on with it, though. As for diamonds - you might have to wait for those but there us gold to be found along the fourth degree of longitude all the way from Devon to Scotland. Why shouldn't it extend down to Roscoff? Is that near you. Get the youngsters to get out their pans and scour the rivers. It's something I have never done, but always feel I should do! (Like riding a camel!) Take care. Fxx

Friko said...

I know I am way behind schedule replying to this post but as I've only just come across it I can't leave it uncommented on.

You are doing well, shitty life will become less shitty by and by and then, in a bit, you'll find you have a life again, a whole new life. Believe me, it's true.

Just don't set the house on fire while you're on the road towards it.